Oh it’s such joy to have the brain functioning again!

I really hadn’t realised just how down and out I was. The website needs some major updates, and now I’m finally on the mend it will be done. Not enough hours in the day to get it all finished straight away, but at least I’ve begun. If you check out the Rainbows page, you’ll see a massive improvement – I am SO sorry it looked the way it did for so long. It’s only because my wonderful friend Kendra went looking for something on my site that she accidentally drew my attention to that….so now, it’s fixed.

There are so many more products I need to upload, and so many improvements I want to make. The Frustration of not being able to just sit and get stuck into it when I have to stop and make dinner is unbelievable lol!

Oooh and I want to work on the Perfectly Pieced and Patchwork Pumpkin blogs again for my great friends Bronwyn and Therese! That’s for my little web design business – MTA Designs. Now that the cogs are turning again I’m hoping to grow that side of things. I never stop learning, need to feel more confident and need more hours in the day to get to that point.

In the meantime, I’ve started a double wedding ring quilt with some Jinny Beyer fabric (my favourite fabric designer of all time!). I’m hand piecing & yes I’m slow but the first ring is done and I’m thrilled to bits with how it looks.

Double Wedding ring


So, soon enough I should be full speed ahead! Only another 10 days on these blasted antibiotics, back to the cardiologist and hopefully finished with them at last. It’s been 7 weeks on them so far & I’m over it. But with the improvement I’m already experiencing I’m really looking forward to removing them from the equation as well. Should even manage to get the Juki set up again next week at last – can’t wait!

Hello world!

This is my first post, on my Brand New Site!

I know that I’m supposed to change that Hello World title to something else, but every time I read that phrase, it makes me smile, so I’m just going to leave it.

I will try to post regularly, I hope you subscribe to either this blog, or my newsletter.

Now that my youngest child is 21, & I’ve been dabbling in a variety of things for a while, I’ve decided I am going to devote my time to building Keep Quilting. Not necessarily bigger, but I want to spread the word about this wonderful quilting world, and help people to find the things they need to make their quilting life easier, more satisfying, and fun!

My other business is MTA Designs. I’m a (very) small web design person. I’m still learning, I admit it. But I am passionate about getting good results, and am not afraid to go back and tweak things when they aren’t quite right – if you’re after the personal touch, I’m there for you. I’ve been so busy working on getting this site going that my MTA site is looking a bit sad – but I’ll head on over to fix that up once I can find the time. It’s just a bit boring…..

Of course, we started this business with the RuleSteady. If you haven’t heard of this amazing tool before, head on over to the store and watch a demo on the main page of my store here. My dearest invented it, and I truly would not have been able to Keep Quilting without it – hence the name of the business!

The RuleSteady was created so you CAN Keep Quilting!

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