Hi I’m Marita. This blog will be about my love of all things quilting; maybe some recipes; probably a bit of a whinge now and then about life in general…..

Favourite things in the main – but I’ll try to keep up with the changing trends in regards to quilty things even if they’re not exactly my flavour. Modern stuff is not really my cup of tea, but I still admire some of it. And I’m lucky to be friends with quilty people who are very talented, some of them do everything under the sun with regards to their stitching.

People amaze me. Some people in particular……I have to say my husband amazes me most of all. He is the most wonderful person I know. Still drives me crazy occasionally, but he puts up with me, so obviously has the patience of a saint.

And today, I have to go add more products to my site to get it live at last. Being offline for 2 days has been a study in stress… can expect to see changes over the coming weeks, whilst I figure out different things. I hope you’ll keep coming back to share the journey.