The essential item for anyone who uses a rotary cutter.

Keeps your fingers safe.   Stops your ruler slipping. Use it on your rulers from 4 inches square up to 8″ x 24″ long.

Which means – from your inital cutting of strips; to cross-cutting; to squaring up your blocks; to trimming your batting. Every single step of the way you will be able to use the RuleSteady to make your life easier.

One side resting on the mat, the other side resting on the ruler. Your ruler will never slip again. And your fingers are no-where near the rotary cutter, ensuring your safety (and no more blood on the fabric!).

No more strain on your shoulders or hands. The RuleSteady means you don’t have to ‘crabwalk’ up the ruler ever again – and you can even breathe while you’re cutting!

The rotary cutter is one of the most important tools ever invented for patchwork & quilting. The RuleSteady IS the essential accompaniment.

Do you have children you want to teach patchwork? Don’t do it without the RuleSteady. Feel safe.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, every RuleSteady is hand-crafted with care.

Once you’ve used it, you won’t know how you got by without it!

Wholesale enquiries welcome.

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